I seem to be lucky this month I've been getting some special treatment from July ^_^ A lot of things... even the little things have been making me feel happier, encouraged, accepted and hopeful. ^_^

Just wanted to share something that made my day this friday:

I ordered a tall coffee jelly drink from Starbucks before going home. I asked the barista if there was a drink that was "slightly" caffeinated, and he said we could make up a "half decaf" drink just for me. HAHAHA! I noticed the barista who was making the drinks prepared the drinks of a regular customer, who came after me, before my order.. When he finally gave me my drink I was surprised~

Look at my "half-decaf" tall coffee jelly with no whipped cream OVER FLOWING with happiness~!

The barista told me that he didn't want to waste the coffee so he tried to fill the cup as much as he can :) Things like this make me happy~!

>_< and this wasn't the first time this happened to me! First it was "bubbatealiscious" now it's Starbucks! It's definitely a great month.

The guys from bubbatealiscious are super kind enough to let me drink from my milk tea before they put the lid on my cup so that they can put the left over milk tea from their shakers~!


Miniature Spoons~!

I'm really happy I was able to buy a few mini spoons for my hobby~ I wish I have forks as well..


A little project

What could these be? ^_^

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Date Nails~

Here's my second attempt at gradient nails. It took me less than an hour to do this so it's not so perfect >_< I just wanted to look pretty for my BF on our movie date ^_^



I stumbled onto a new miniature blog which I fell in love with after browsing a few pages.. ^__^

The blog is in Japanese and google translate isn't as accurate as I want it to be :( I think the name of the blog, according to the watermarks on the pictures,  is "Nunu's House"

(Photo credit: All pictures com from http://koapin.blog61.fc2.com/)


Join Kawaii Barbie's 100-200 + Followers Giveaway

Another Giveaway~!
Join Kawaii Barbie's 100-200 + Followers Giveaway~!!

I wish i'd get the eco tools brush.. ^_^

Nicole's Mirror First Birthday GIVEAWAY~ (wish me luck)

I'm joining ...

Nicole's Mirror First Birthday GIVEAWAY!!!

I hope I win the Urban Decay Primer or anything Shu >_< gosh! I want everything~!

I think this is my first time joining a giveaway.. ^__^


The Glee Project

I'm currently hooked on a show called "The Glee Project" which is a competition to get a guest appearance on the show Glee.

But.. The reason I'm hooked on the show is because I totally LOVE Cameron~! He reminds me of why I fell in love with my BF. Dorky, Cute, and Naive. Makes you want to mess him up and leave him disoriented HAHAHAHAHA just kidding.

I loved Episode 5 of the show! The episode about pairability where the contestants were paired up and performed duets... Cameron got paired up with Lindsay and she surprised him with a kiss!

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Stress Relief Haul - HyperMarket and Watsons

Recently, whenever I'm stressed, I go shopping... having a mall connected to my office building isn't as safe for my savings since I keep on spending every time I get stressed.

Last week, here are the things that I bought collectively =_=

I wanted to try Foot Appeal for the longest time, (Since Nikki of Askmewhats.com posted a review on it). I'm still hesitant to use it, despite buying it. Still trying to muster up all the courage I can to use this... I'm worried my feet wont be presentable during the 2 weeks of peeling.

Eden Eternal: Bad experience

I'm my gaming life, I have never been accused of doing anything suspicious and getting banned because of it.. UNTIL NOW... I am absolutely frustrated that my AERIA GAMES account was suspended 2 times now. The people I play with in the Internet Cafe I go to we're also banned.

I'm really pissed... I feel like AERIA GAMES have singled out my friends and myself...

Just when I recommended the game to my officemates, they ban me...

I love the game... I hate the management...

Good Game + Bad Management = A game that's not worth playing.


Random Banning

I was currently playing a cute game called Eden Eternal from Aeria Games. HOWEVER, I "think" my account was banned... AGAIN.. for no reason at all... I tried to log in 3 or 4 times and the game didn't recognize my username and password and when I tried to login to the Aeria Games website I got the following error messages:

"Sorry. The account has been blocked due to violation of our terms of

"Sorry. Unrecognized username or password."
I was banned 2 times including this time... 
The annoying thing is... Me and some other friend who are playing the game with not bots, no RTM or anything and WE were the ones who get banned while ALL those bots SHOUTING in all channels are SAFE.
I'm totally disappointed by it and ABSOLUTELY turned off by how they handle things like this...


New Make Up Mantra

When I was doing my morning ritual of going through the blog posts of my favorite blogs I was surprised to see a man's face on one of my favorite blogs ^_^ askmewhats.com hihihi~! Apparently, Nikki had an opportunity to interview a famous make-up artist. I was curious and read the entry and found a blog worthy quote from Stephen Moleski, the interviewee.

"Don't be scared of makeup, try new looks... it washes off!" - Stephen Moleski, Celebrity make up artist

I'm usually shy and insecure. What Stephen Moleski said is so encouraging ^_^ and today, I didn't hesitate to put on make up. ^_^


Lemming for Aerosoles

I regret the day when I didn't pay attention to my Aerosoles in New York... I should've bought a pair because it was cheaper there than here in the Philippines..

I'm totally drooling over how comfy Aerosoles are ^_^ When my officemate and I tried the shoes in the Aerosoles store in MOA, we fell in love! Although I have to say that I don't really like the designs but the comfort compensates for it.

The first pair I bought was this design in black:
source:  Aerosoles.com

I wanted a more corporate design but I was having a difficult time choosing so I chose a design that I would use more often than a corporate looking shoe~

Here were my choices =_=


Sprig Valley

I still want sprig valley... and one more heeled shoe... erm... ehehehe... I might as well buy both!!! But the South Role one didn't really look nice on my feet and the Sprig Valley was a little tight on my toes...

I kinda like the Plushed Velvet Design: 
Plushed Velvet
Yettuce Wrap
The ONLY 2 things I don't like about this brand are"
1. It's not for sweaty feet
2. Not for the rainy season~


Milia Update: Wrong diagnosis...

Remember the time I went to VMV to try out on of their facials but it was someone in VMV who made me aware that the treatment for Milia would cost me a fortune (Aspirin Mask and Milia). I did almost everything "Within" budget to get rid of my milia (mostly home remedies huhuhu).

When I went to an aesthetics place last time, they told me what I had wasn't Milia and that I had to go to a dermatologist to get rid of those little bumps under my eyes. I wasn't able to remember what they called those little bumps I had until I went to visit another aesthetics place beside my office. The had treatments for milia which was the main reason why I came to visit their place. They told me that what I had were not milia but Syringoma.

I asked what the treatment was for Syringoma and how long it would take. They said they would only apply a cream all over my face and it would only take 30 minutes but they also warned me that the bumps on my face would turn into scabs and it would take 5 days before my face would look presentable in the office. They recommended that I do it on a long weekend.

I really need to go to a dermatologist... (I'm also seriously considering having some sort of micro dermabrasion done)