[Random] Traumatized by Christmas Lights

Driving around during the "Ber" months/Christmas Season with a migraine is the worst possible combo you can do. =_= All those Christmas lights (and Christmas Traffic) will be the death of me. Auras and all, I felt like I was driving home while looking through a poorly made DIY Bokeh lens... =_=

Bokeh (Image Credit), My head's starting to hurt again =_=
Not to mention those inconsiderate drivers putting on their headlights on high and using their fog lights as well... =_= I wanna smash those headlights to bits!!! *ROAD RAGE ACTIVATED*!! ....Road Rage Disarmed! Migraine and Road Rage cannot coexist. =_=


Monday Artwork: Pfft...

Last month, I was so stressed at work I decided to play a prank and vandalize the other team's area. I ended up drawing on all their white boards (even the team lead's white board), because some of them got jealous and requested that I draw on theirs as well, I even got a request from a different team! It made me happy~!

Rain Rain Go Away~!

Unfortunately, they all had to erase my doodles because we had important visitors. I should have taken pictures of my doodles so I could share it here. Anyway, one of my doodles looked like the picture above. ^_^ I've finally learned how to doodle other things. >: )


Monday Artwork: Running Out

I ran out of scheduled posts and I haven't been able to draw/ doodle that much for quite some time because I was busy at work... huhuhuhu! Most of the artworks I have on my sketchpad are unfinished...

This was me when I was busy at work...
I thought she looked funny when I was drawing her... I honestly don't want to finish this sketch though. =_= She look's so out of place in my sketch book but I'm sharing her anyway... Random doodle is random.


Monday Artwork: The Way to Play

This is how I play... *rolls around the bed*

After 3 years, I'm back in the gaming world... A couple of months ago, I impulsively bought a red Nintendo 3DS and discovered "Swapnote" (Swapnote is a messaging app where you can draw or write notes to your 3DS friends)


Monday Artwork: New Way to Practice

Ok, I can never edit videos to save my life so please bear with me. Despite my video editing skills (or lack thereof), I really wanted to share some of the doodles I sent to my friends on swapnote. A couple of doodles might look familiar. ^__^

Swapnote is such a fun app and I was addicted to it for quite sometime. My doodling improved a lot since I would doodle several notes per day.

Unfortunately, Nintendo stopped the sending of swapnotes through Spotpass because some people abused the feature sending lewd notes and stuff... Oh well... Time to start a new digital art project...