Monday Artwork: Give Me Coffee!

Oh yes, my addiction is back...
I was bragging last time about some progress I made with my sketching... Well, this isn't it. =_= I'm not so pleased with how this sketch turned out but I had fun drawing it because I restarted my coffee ban and this was what I was feeling at the time.


[Random] Random Photo Dump - Animal Crossing New Leaf

I was playing Animal Crossing New Leaf while waiting for my task to complete and then I noticed how quirky my avatar was in the game.

I'm sharing some random screenshots of the game. I was quite addicted to it that I stopped my artsy fartsy activities for a while...

Funky Fashion sense~!
I should  have taken a better picture of my room. My wall is covered with books... I wish I could have my own mini library in real life...


Monday Arwork: Strawberry Shortcakes and Bonus Shots

In my last post, my camera died on me so I wasn't able to take the rest of the photos I wanted. Here's the continuation... ^_^

If the clay wasn't too soft I would have made a square one instead


[Random] Secretly Greatly

I just watched Secretly Greatly. Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Soo Hyun in one movie? Do you even need to think about it? >_< I was totally crushing over Kim Soo Hyun when I was watching Dream High, I even have 2 posts about him on this blog ("fangirl-ing" in 2011). As for Lee Hyun Woo, he was so cute in the series To the Beautiful You, I put him in my watch list... He's actually the reason why I watched the movie...

The reviews I read about the movie were mostly negative, saying that the movie was a total mess. It is, but I liked it... maybe I'm used to messy Korean movies (like Spell bound) or since I've watched movies/series with spies (like King 2 Hearts or Spy Myung Wol) and all, I didn't need an explanation about what was happening in the movie... =_= That's probably it... oh wait...


Monday Artwork: Finished Sweets

I finally finished the cakes and other miniatures for the classes I was supposed to attend last month. I was cramming to finish them because I was too busy at work I hardly had a whole day to finish them. I really thought I wouldn't be able to take pictures of the finished miniatures so I posted a picture of the unbaked gradient cake a couple of weeks ago.

Since the classes were canceled and rescheduled to a later date, I had a chance to take pictures of the items... until my camera battery died after 3 pictures. T__T I only had one more piece to take though but I'll make a separate entry for it instead.

I really tried to plan out what miniatures to make ^__^


Monday Artwork: Nameless

An officemate of mine told me that my artworks "should" have names. I normally name my files with the date I started or something like "Practice #123"

I told my officemate that I would name my artwork as soon as I finished but I still haven't finished this:

She started looking drag queen-ish to me but I did improve in doing the hair and the eyes. Actually, I could say that this is the completed artwork but I still see several things to fix.

1. I want a good background
2. She looks too pouty
3. She looks like a drag queen T_T

I still don't know what/how to fix these flaws, I wish someone could point it out for me.


Nendoroid: Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru

Mee~ru merumeru meru meru meru me~!

She finally arrived! I waited for her for so long and it's totally worth it! I actually got her last week but was too busy so I only got to open her today. >_<

Kirino is waiting!


Monday Artwork: Gradient Cakes and Textures

Last year, I made gradient cakes for my Christmas presents to my officemates. After Christmas, I don't think I've touched my stash of polymer clay despite my hoarding every now and then.

I enrolled in another class again and for this class I have to make at least 10 polymer clay items to exchange with my other classmates. I'll talk about the class in detail in a separate post.

I was contemplating whether to make rose pendants or cakes. Roses are easy to make but really common at the moment so I made cakes instead. Without considering how much effort it takes to make miniature cakes...