Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji

She's here!!!! I'm so happy I pre-ordered her. I had to buy her since I loved the anime so much and I can never forget the 2nd ending song of the Anime~ Kanna is so cute!!!

It's been a while since I posted about nendoroids huh? I was supposed to sell my previous nendoroids until I saw Sakura... it's such a classic anime that I couldn't resist buying her >_<

I hope they release more Sakura Taisen Nendoroids, if there's a Nendo version of Kanna or Sumire, I would definitely buy it.. both =_=. Kanna is actually my fave character from the series but Sakura is the lead so I had to buy her *cough* *trying to justify the expense* *cough*

Here she is in the box :) I love the koubu! Since I still need to buy more jars for my nendo display, I'm keeping the actual nendo in the box while the Koubu is on display in a cheap acrylic display case LOL!

I wanted to take pictures using my D60 and my makeshift lightbox but I got lazy... I ended up using my phone to take pictures instead... And then....

I remembered the piggy I borrowed from my officemate ^_^ Hihihi~!

Sakura, Ui, and Saber discovered the piggy~!

=_= I think the pig stole the spotlight from Sakura...

Captured piggy~! Kyaaaa~!

Sakura's revenge...

Piggy wins =_=

Darn!! I got side tracked because of the pig! Anyway, below is a screen capture of Sakura in the 2nd ending of the series.

I tried to pose my nendo like the screen cap, the skirt is different though.

Finally, I'll be ending this post with the video of my favorite ending from Sakura Wars. I can still sing along with the music lol...

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