Lemming for lipsticks

I think my curiosity for make up products have reached a new level. I've started exploring the colorful world of lipsticks... However, when I attended a make up workshop last February, the instructor told me that I tend to be a little conservative when it comes to putting color on my face.

Unlike most girls, I'm uncomfortable being in the spotlight. I'm not saying that I don't like being the center of attention though. This is the main reason why I don't like trying new things out like wearing a skirt or a dress or even putting on lipstick. I usually go for the subtle things that make people wonder what's different about me.

Here in the Philippines erm... (maybe not the just in the Philippines... I'm not sure) or a least where ever I go...When I wear a dress, or a skirt or put on something out of the ordinary there will ALWAYS be some who would shout out something like "WOW! Saan ang party!?" *Wow! where's the party!?* or "Uy! May date!!!" *roughly translated as: You have a date!* (*coughs*).

I REALLY hate being teased like that... if it was only ONE person who does that, I could have asked him/her to stop teasing me, but no... I get teased a lot by different people and is done in such a manner that EVERYONE in the room hears it. I really hate it... Geez... Really? Why do you have to shout? It's not like you'd be the one in the spotlight?

Even though the comment isn't negative it's just something that I absolutely hate and something that discourages me from exploring things.

How can I tell/show people that I intensely hate those kind of loud comments? Anyway (end of rant)...

As I have mentioned earlier... I've started to search for a great everyday lipstick. I don't know if I have already posted about how intimidated I was by lipsticks. I'm still intimidated though as well as frustrated because I can't find the perfect shade for me. Quoting my Make up workshop instructor "Alanganin ang complexion ko" (uh oh... "Alanganin" is difficult to translate... well... the instructor had a difficult time looking for the perfect shade of foundation for me.. she had a hard time mixing several shades to match my skin tone and ended up applying a darker shade on my face.

Supposedly, Shu Uemura FA 754 matches my skin tone. I've read some blogs that compared it with MAC's NC30 and NC40. Aside from my weird "in between" skin tone, I have pigmented lips and a really pigmented lipline... so light colored lipsticks look weird on me. *sighs*

 O_O Oh goodness.. this turned into a lengthy post. I only wanted to post about my current wishlist from Etude House... hahaha I got carried away!

I saw a post on Etude's facebook page about their "Dear My Blooming Lips" lipstick line and I started to drool over some... several shades:
I've encircled the shades I wanted to try out (Source)

I really wish at least one shade would look good on me.. out of the 5 shades I like..

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