Hello Clay, We Meet Again - Work In Progress

A few more days before Christmas and here I am trying to cram my Christmas gift project. Last year, I used Air Dry Clay, this year I revisited my polymer clay stash. I think I think I prefer polymer clay over air dry clay, despite the extra step of baking it. Air Dry Clay is too messy for me and I have to work fast, and I feel pressured because my clay is drying... =__=

Anyway, I'm cheating by posting an instagram picture of the items I completed so far. I have the bigger picture but this was cuter, so I posted it.

I should have made a list to get the number of people I'll be giving these out to, but I was in the zone and I didn't realize it was already 4:20 AM when I finished the cakes and the biscuits. Both the cake and the roses are still works in progress, I still have to slice the bases of the roses, put icing on my gradient cake. Icing or frosting? I still don't know how to decorate them.

I also want to try how to pipe some icing on cookies... I'll probably do that with some scrap clay. Hmmm Meringue magnets? I'm REALLY in the zone today! I have upgraded my tools if you haven't noticed yet, I splurged on a sculpy pasta machine. I'm quite disappointed about it since I keep on pulling out the handle while rolling my clay >_<. I think I should move it somewhere...

Things to try/do:
1. Cookies with Piping
2. Meringue
3. several gradient cakes... blue, pink, purple?

Argh! I'm gonna run out of magnets! Need magnets... neeeeddd... round... cookie... cutters... [zombie mode end]

Must make list now...

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