Quick Update: Staycation

Posting a quick update of my Holy Week "Staycation." Holiday work was canceled and I wasn't able to plan anything because of it so I had a lot of free time ^__^. 

I didn't do much though, the heat made me catatonic and my PMS was making me eat everything in sight. =_= Worst combination ever... Anyway...

Art Attack:

I experimented with my new molds and the new clay blocks I bought last week. Premo's Raw Sienna is such a perfect chocolate color! I almost didn't buy it because I looked brown with green undertones at the store, I should have bought more!

They look real, don't they? >: )


Photo practice at Watami

Once again, Madz of pigoutsessions.com, and myself went out to eat. We were supposed to eat at a different place so she can review one of our favorite Japanese restaurants (and for me to practice taking pictures) but the line was too long and we both were lacking sleep and I was getting grumpy... Although were were already third in line, we still decided to give our spot away to a colleague and went to off to look for a different place to eat at. We ended up at Watami (@SM Mall of Asia)~!

I did say I was planning to practice my photography but I got lazy and left SLR in the car. =_= If I knew that we'd change locations, I would've brought it with me! I was only able to take pictures using my phone camera... T_T No photography practice this week... BUT! I was still able to play around with Photoshop for a bit...

Salmon and Flying Fish Roe Stone Pot

O_o I have two food related blog posts this week... Oh no.. there goes my diet!


A Few More Things I Learned Recently

Aside from the free basic photography lessons I got, I also was introduced to using "curves" in Photoshop. I'm usually conservative when it comes to editing my pictures, but when my friend said it was like applying filters on your photos using Photoshop, I got curious and I tried it out.

I've only watched a couple of tutorials on YouTube and I plan on reading about it a little more, for now I'll share my initial edits. I'll try to post more pictures in the future to gauge my improvement after more practice.

This is probably my fave out of the bunch...


My First Etsy Purchase

Oooooh~ Look what I got in the mail today~!

I love looking through various shops at Etsy but I never tried buying anything until I got the urge to look for molds for my next Christmas project hahaha! A little too early, huh?


Swensen's Strawberry In Love

Last March 5, I accompanied my friend, Madz of Pig Out Sessions, to Swensen's food tasting event for bloggers at their MOA branch. It was my first time going to a blogger event, despite my blog being 3 years old, I still am a nobody in the blogging circle since I kept this blog very "random" and personal haha.

I love the lights at Swensen's.
Anyway, the food tasting event at Swensen's was great. Although, my introverted self kicked in and I couldn't take pictures because I was too shy. Even though someone (I didn't get his name) tried to encourage me to take more pictures. >_<

Stupid Awkward little girl~


A Quick Update and a Nail Polish Haul

I'm still alive~! I just have a lot of things on my plate and I also mentioned about my artist's block on my last post. I am also excessively depressed that I wouldn't be able to watch 2PM's concert here in the Philippines T_T

Anyway, at least my creative juices are slowly coming back. Ever since I tried slicing up my Ace of Hearts fimo can (and failing miserably), I have been dying to try an Alice in Wonderland nail art design. I even bought a nail art stamp template for it. I took me a while to try it... well, I still haven't tried since I didn't have a light blue nail polish... until today =_=

I was so stressed at work recently I have been binge-eating. Today, I ended up buying 4 nail polishes from The Face Shop. They had a Buy 3 and get 1 Free promo, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy gradient colors! It's a great deal for those who want to try gradient nails. I ended up buying 3 shades of blue and a cream yellow at 95 per color :)

I think I need to practice a bit before actually doing my Alice in Wonderland nail art :)