How Long Has It Been?

How long has it been since I played a video game? I used to consider myself a gamer before, but today, I couldn't even play a game for more than an hour without getting tired of it. Have I finally outgrown playing video games? Was it also something I let go in a previous chapter of my life?

I've been playing some games though, but not like the MMO's or the RPG's I played before. I can only play games that I can finish in less than an hour.

Honestly, It's a little frustrating. I don't want to consider gaming as the most important thing in that 'previous chapter' but I can't deny that it's what kept me 99% busy those days. Maybe 95%? I think I got tired of playing  in the middle of the chapter...

I have always considered gaming as part of my identity... Something that kept me different from most girls. It's really annoying that even before this 'previous chapter' that I've been repeating in this post... I have always been lemming for the newest RPG. Any Final Fantasy Series, any RPG with cute characters, anything with anime looking graphics or even an old game. I could play an old game over and over without eating or sleeping. Now, it's different. I feel different. Everything is changing...

Unfortunately, It is the one thing I miss the most from that previous chapter of my life. Whether I want that part of my identity back... I still haven't decided yet.

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