Digital Art Bucket List: Chibi me...

I have a digital art bucket list that I would like to accomplish... someday. Well, like all my hobbies, I haven't set a deadline for the bucket list. I would like to take my time in challenging myself with these mini goals. I'll put my bucket list in a different post, for now I'll share my first attempt at crossing out one of the things I've listed:

"Create a chibi representation of myself" Chibi is Japanese (slang) for "small child" or "short person" (source). Japanese caricatures.

 I present to you a drawing of myself while working (at home~).

Though I'm not satisfied enough to cross out my chibi goal on my bucket list, I was laughing a lot while I was drawing this since if I drew this better, it would be an exact replica of how I really work during my work from home schedules. HAHAHA!

In addition, I think I've improved again ^_^ I think I'm getting more results with my little experiments... =_= "the success rate improved" Lol the phrase popped in my mind. It's not a full scale drawing like my past drawings but this cheered me up.

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