Super Duper Late post!

=_= Even though I'm 11 days late... Happy New Year! Hihihi! I've a big backlog of posts, I'm a bit lazy to organize all my photos but I'll edit them.. eventually.. Muwahahaha

Since I'm lazy... I'll settle for some of my instagram photos of something personal, My room.. ^__^

This is my favorite spot in my room (aside from my bed):

I like hanging my favorite accessories on my wall even though I hardly use any bracelet or earring or necklace.. I just love looking at them ^_^

I actually ashamed of my room... everything except my accessory spot is filled with clutter.. I want to change my furniture but I need to save up for it.

My new year's resolutions for 2012 is practically the same as last year but a little more focused. However, my priority is cleaning up my room. I want to replace my computer table, my desk, my shelf and my TV stand. I want a vanity instead of a study table! I want more storage~! I'm a terrible hoarder so I need storage!

I want those tall metal shelves I saw at our local hardware stores. I think the tallest one was around 4,000 Php (Approx 93 USD), and the shorter ones were half the price.


But I have so many books... The picture below is even HALF of my sea of books.. there's more on the shelf below, and several boxes (that I can fit in) under my bed.

I kinda want my shelves to look like this but... I can't and I won't part with my books T^T maybe my text books but the rest are sacred to me..

There's two things I really want this year, have my room fixed and to get clear skin...

*sigh* I need a little more will power to fix my room (and a miracle for my skin)... AJA~!

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