[Personal] Just Another Update

So... I haven't been posting on my blog again. I've been through a lot of changes recently. I quit my job for a more challenging role. It was a tough decision as I had to choose from a managerial role in a high profile company over a more technical role in a start up company. Most of my friends wanted me to take the first offer but I wanted a more technical role to leverage my skills. Currently, I like what I am doing, despite the long hours and the long commute home.

Aside from the new job, I'm also in the process of refurnishing my room. I have successfully reduced my clutter by a HUGE amount and I'm left with just a fraction of clutter compared to what I had before. I'm still in search for an Ikea Expedit knock off shelf here so I can get rid of what's left of my clutter.. Hopefully, before the year ends. :)

Lastly, my laptop died. I have been sleeping well for the past few weeks because I have no more distractions when I am home. I am seriously contemplating on prolonging this "unplugged" state that I am in. However, I won't be able to draw digitally for a while.

I'm trying to post this entry using my phone and I hope it will turn out ok