Hobby: 'Jack of All Trades, Master of None"

My hobby seems to be evolving every time... every quarter of a year I think I change a hobby... In less than a year, I had the following hobbies:

- Blogging
- Photography
- Pixel Art
- Video Games
- Beauty stuff
- Polymer clay accessories
- Cooking finger foods
- Gadgets

I've never mastered any of these hobbies.. I've never mastered any of my hobbies... hmmm, wait!  My close friend said that "Video Games" shouldn't be considered as a hobby but a leisure. Makes sense. She also said that most of my hobbies are related to art.

"Art is your hobby" ^__^

However, it still doesn't change the fact that I have not mastered anything... I've only started playing around with Polymer Clay and I'm already transitioning to wanting to make dollhouses and then last week someone said that she used to have a project about needle tatting when she was in elementary and I'm getting interested about it... I keep on changing hobbies =_=

As for the polymer clay hobby, I'm still into it. I'm just so frustrated because I want to be good at it and I ended up looking at blogs of people who are more into creating scale miniatures for dollhouses. I immediately knew that I nowhere near their level of creativity and skill.

I love looking at their blogs at the same time I feel so insecure. Anyway here are the blogs I love to look at:
Snowfern Clover
Les P'titsMobiles 
My world on the table

Snowfern Clover and My world on the table are the biggest influences of my hobby evolution =_= while Joojoo is a big inspiration and Les P'titsMobiles.. T_T biggest insecurity (I love his work).

Joojoo and Les P'titsMobiles both have a "series" or a theme for their creation (snails and sea creatures).. I want to have something like that...

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