Monday Artwork: Profile

I focused on her eyes...

Just a quick profile sketch, I'm planning to ink her on SAI soon. That's why I didn't bother with the other details on her face and hair...

What should I try next?


Random: Unknown Visitor

Just got the scare of my life... I saw a baby snake in our dining room. I spotted the odd moving worm near the dining table.

At first, I thought it was just an earthworm but it was unusually longer than the typical earthworm, it was moving sideways and was moving too fast. I was starting to freak out but my dad was out and the rest of the people at home were sound asleep. I had to make sure if it was really a baby snake or just a hyper earthworm before screaming like a sissy.

Googles: Difference between worm and snake movement... "Snakes move in the s pattern" just great... *freaks out more*

Even though a snake that size could possibly be as harmless as a worm, I wasn't sure and I was alone. T_T Whatever happened to the fearless me? I'm not really scared of snakes but it shouldn't be in the house.

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to get rid of it and it took me 30 minutes to just muster enough courage to do the job. I was shaking like crazy the whole time. I was scared and sorry at the same time. I didn't want to kill it but I wasn't sure it was harmless. : (

I was able to get a closer look at my unidentified visitor afterwards... it had scales. I didn't take pictures and I don't want to post pictures of snakes that resemble what I had to deal with today because I'm still freaked out T_T

Ugh... I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight..


Practice: Basic Beading and A Failed Attempt

Last week, I went to a magical place called "Divisoria" to buy some beads and jewelry components for my new found hobby, resin casting. Though I didn't find everything I needed, I still got a lot of interesting things which, unfortunately are not for resin jewelry. =_=

Bought a whole lot of faux pearls


Monday Artwork: I Don't Trip

I do random gravity checks

Just a simple doodle inspired by the gravity check quote and Pony Brown art using Sakura Micron Pens and Copic Markers...

I'll try to be more original when I get the hang of the style, for now... I'm just a shameless copycat. :(


Finally Some Nail Art!

Finally! I have only been sporting solid colors or glitter polish on my nails ever since I got a tan from my swimming classes.

Hahaha! This isn't my work, my teammate did this and it's pretty~! I wasn't planning to do any nail art though until I bought the gold glitter polish from Etude house and that my officemates felt like experimenting on me. ^__^ And yes, we had a nail art attack in the office =_=

I'm starting to like neon pink~!


Monday Artwork: To Ink Or Not To Ink

I'm serious...

I tried a different approach in filling in the eye details and I'm not sure if I should ink or not... Or maybe I should turn her into a digital art project.


Monday Artwork: A Dabbler

And another blog series attempt.. I will "try" to start each week with a new artwork... Emphasis on try, you know me. I planned to do this series several weeks ago due to my Pony Brown obsession. I was just sidetracked a bit because of my resin class.

Anyway, for my first post I tried practicing what I learned in a watercolor class I took last year. I'm not quite satisfied with the results and I think I wasn't able to stretch my paper well. However, compared to my previous watercolor attempt, this is a HUGE improvement.

Must feather out some harsh edges....
On a different note, An online friend called me a dabbler (one not deeply engaged in or concerned with something.. source) recently and that I haven't been doing anything seriously for the longest time. Well, he may be right.
"Learning the basics of many arts but mastering none." - (Source)
It's true, I haven't mastered any art or craft from the long list of hobbies I tried. I didn't have anything to say when I was called a dabbler. Until recently I used to consider myself more of a "crafter" than an artist. Now I seriously think I'm more of a dabbler than an artist or a crafter =_= (See post for difference between a crafter and an artist).