Cheat day - Indulging the lemming in me

I've been trying really hard to be a little thrifty for the past few months. Despite the "stinginess" I ended up buying what I was drooling over 2 weeks ago.. seriously, I really lack discipline.

I posted my etude lipstick wish list 2 weeks ago. I wanted 5 out of 36 lipsticks on the "Dear My Blooming Lips" line

OR202, OR206, RD303, RD304, BE104
Out of the 5 BE104 was the only shade that suited me. I was only able to try 2 shades, BE103 and BE104 from the BE row but both shades were gorgeous! I didn't have enough cash and I wasn't able to bring my card so my wallet was spared from an impulse buy.. I ended up buying only one item, BE104. I'm bothered that I wasn't able to buy BE103, though. T^T


Dangerous Packaging and Chronic Clumsiness

I'm not sure if anyone noticed but the Packaging for the Nail Polish Remover and the Lip and Eye make up remover looks dangerously the same...

Even the pink nail polish remover looks 'similar' to the mascara remover
Last night, while I was in a food coma and getting ready to sleep. I went over my "work area" (can't call it a vanity) and reached for my Lip and Eye Make up remover which was beside my Nail Polish remover. I noticed that I almost grabbed the bottle of Nail polish remover instead of the make up remover.

Of course I wont blame it all on the packaging. I was born a clutz and my room is branded (by my own brother) as a pigsty. *Sigh* maybe it's just my clumsiness after all..


I found my foundation shade~!

For the past few weeks, I have been banning myself from going to the mall to check out the newly renovated beauty section at Shangri la. Unfortunately, I had run some errands at the mall... And yes.. I couldn't help myself.

I made a beeline for the MAC stall and checked out the Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation in NC40. It's a perfect match! I was so happy about it but I've always been drooling over Shu Uemura's Face architect so I decided to visit the Shu Uemura kiosk and I ended up buying my first ever Shu Uemura product!

Please forgive the blurry shot, I was too excited.


Nail of the Week #1 and a few random things

I'm trying out this "Nail of the Week" thing bloggers do... We'll see how far I'll get doing this..

My friend bought me a Konad Stamping Kit 2 weeks ago. The kit came with the M2 plate. It's a floral plate with a cow/cat/creature.

I should have taken a shot of the plate BEFORE using it.


Lemming for lipsticks

I think my curiosity for make up products have reached a new level. I've started exploring the colorful world of lipsticks... However, when I attended a make up workshop last February, the instructor told me that I tend to be a little conservative when it comes to putting color on my face.

Unlike most girls, I'm uncomfortable being in the spotlight. I'm not saying that I don't like being the center of attention though. This is the main reason why I don't like trying new things out like wearing a skirt or a dress or even putting on lipstick. I usually go for the subtle things that make people wonder what's different about me.

Here in the Philippines erm... (maybe not the just in the Philippines... I'm not sure) or a least where ever I go...When I wear a dress, or a skirt or put on something out of the ordinary there will ALWAYS be some who would shout out something like "WOW! Saan ang party!?" *Wow! where's the party!?* or "Uy! May date!!!" *roughly translated as: You have a date!* (*coughs*).


Random Post: Bad Blogger

Happy Easter~!

I've been neglecting my blog again >_<  I've noticed that every time I'm on a shopping ban I tend to neglect my blog a bit.

Warning: This is a lengthy post... Lot's of stuff to talk about. Hauls, Workshops and financial problems.


Anyway, I decided to make my shopping habit my sacrifice for Lent. Unfortunately, I did cheat a bit but I didn't post it on my blog immediately because I was ashamed HAHAHA.. erm I mean Huhuhu...

Here's my cheat haul... Not so much.. The sales lady was in a really good mood so she gave me the freebie pillow even though my haul was below 2k.

 I bought a red orange lippy, the Be Clear Toner, the Milk talk strawberry body wash (I wanna drink this =_= smells so good), and finally the Blue nail polish remover from etude.. =_= erm... I'm too lazy to stand up and grab the items I bought to check for the exact product names... (Lazy vacation mode) Grr... Ok fine: