Stray Kitten

Last monday, I thought I saw a dead kitten in the plant box in front of my house. I asked my grandmother's caretaker to accompany me to check the kitten. If it was dead, we had to put it some place where it wont smell when it decomposes...

To my surprise... the kitten was still alive >_< I'm actually afraid of cats... but when I saw it's face, I couldn't help but say "Awwwwwww" and apparently my brother had the same reaction when he saw it.

I asked the caretaker to bring the kitten inside.. secretly because my stepmother hates anything living humans, plants or animals. I had to tell my dad about the kitten after a day behind my step mother's back. He said "it's better to have cats than rats!"

I can keep it! wahahahaha

>_< I couldn't take a cute picture of it while we were trying to sneak it in... T_T It looks like a tiger in a different angle~

By the way... "it" doesn't have a name yet.. and I haven't checked if 'it' is a girl or a boy.. I hate work

for the mean time.. I call it "ming ming" ahahahaha

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