Best Prepaid Unli plan...

It was really sad that all Globe's unlimited plans ended right before Christmas... My boyfriend bought a smart Sim card during Christmas hoping Smart's unlimited plan was still active... to no avail.

It was annoying that these providers took out those promo's right before Christmas... it was an "all-about-the-money" thing..

Globe, Smart and Sun are the 3 major mobile telecommunications companies here in the Philipines. They all have their own promos that provide unlimited calls and text messaging. I've tried all three, unfortunately there are things I hate for each three.

Sun Cellular was the first to provide the unlimited call's service although what I hated about Sun, is their signal coverage. I don't have a signal anywhere and it's so difficult to call. I don't mind being disconnected from the call every now and then... but the coverage gets to me.

Globe offered the "Super Unli" Promo last year for 150 for every 5 days. You'd get disconnected from the call every 30 minutes which is ok. You can call anytime of the day.. IF and ONLY IF globe's network is working. Globe's weekly downtime is really annoying. Indeed we have unlimited calls all day BUT when Globe's system is down you can't call, can't text, or can't receive any calls or text messages!

Finally there's Smart, they have the best coverage among the three. They offered the "Smart Talk" promo several months ago. For 100 pesos, you'd get 5 days of unlimited calls. It's the cheapest among the three as well. HOWEVER, you'd get disconnected after 5 minutes...

I wish smart would extend the calls to at least 20 minutes then they would be the best of the 3...


Side track... I can't believe what Cebu Pacific did to a special child... I'm more annoyed by the stewardess rather than the airlines. She should've handled the situation in a discreet manner... grrrr. My officemate told me that the other passengers joined in the discriminating act... grrrr

"Cebu Pacific said it has already apologized to the Alcantara family for the incident and to the affected passengers."  - GMA news

The other passengers should also apologize! So uneducated!

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