Playing Aion~ (Private Server)

I finally finished installing Aion on my PC~ I don't think I'd be as addicted to Aion like in Lineage 2. The setting of the game looks dark and depressing, unlike in Lineage 2 (Heine, Fantasy Island, and Elven Village). The controls are difficult to get used to... W,A,S,D or Directional Buttons to move... which I hate because it requires more hand eye coordination.

It took me 2-3 days to complete the download and installation for Aion... (Download speed: 84 - 96 KB/s). The file was 7gb and it had another 1gb patch update after the installation. In addition, I had to download several other files like the private server launcher and the patch. And since my pc is so outdated. My Windows XP Home, Pentium 4 1.8 GHz, 2 Gb ram, 120 Hard disk space, Ati Radeon 9600 (512mb) video card... did not really meet the minimum requirements. I had to update my video card drivers and clear up a lot of hard disk space.

I only started playing Aion, because I miss Lineage 2. I hate AMDG for wasting a great game like Lineage 2 but that's that... can't do anything about it right now.

Anyway, Aion's just a replacement for Lineage 2... I'm on the rebound right now *sob*

My character is an priest~ as always! I love support characters. Although Aion's support characters are different from most games. Usually a priest or a buffer would have other magic skills or long range magic attacks. I was surprised to see that the priests in Aion are melee characters. I kinda enjoy smashing mobs with my mace ahahaha!

I almost forgot... I think the part I enjoyed the most was when I was creating my character.. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE~!!! I can change my character's height, length of arms, width of my characters neck, width of my characters thighs, the space between my characters eyes... (and more) whahahaha I love it!

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