Colors, Patterns and a little politics

I was came across another cute site for color swatches and pattren making~



hmmm http://www.colourlovers.com makes me want to change my blogger background again

On a different note (Just wanted to share) , I was listening to the news on the radio on my way to work, and I heard the Ted Failon guy rant about how much it was to operate the senate whatevers... I wasn't entirely attentive about the news but it gave me the impression that they had nothing else to report about... They interviewed a Con. Cua from Quirino... and He said that indeed that it would cost a huge amount of money to operate an institution like that, he noted that there were a lot of things to consider like there were 3000 employees, utility expenses, other miscellaneous expenses. Although, we are paying for all those through our taxes... the senate is a necessary institution.

Ted Failon kept on asking "Is it worth it?" I'm normally apathetic with any political stuff but if he had his way and he was able to stir up something to cause the budget to go down.. there are people who might become unemployed. He could have said "Is the 5 billion peso budget allocated properly" and does not go straight to other people's pockets.

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