New Layout~!!!!

I'm so indecisive about my blogger design, hahaha I was pestering my boyfriend last night to help me choose a nice template for my blog. It was so confusing because there were so many pretty designs. A friend of mine recommended Blogger Buster for gadgets and templates. That's what started my blogging depression.. huhuh I was so confused on what template to use!! every thing was so pretty!!!! My layout is called Night Sky 2.0 by Ray Creations.

(Image from raycreationsindia.com)
I'm still not satisfied with the layout, I didn't like that my navigation bar was removed. Hihihi I think I downloaded more than 10 templates last night HAHAHA.

On a different note, T_T I want a new planner... my new Planner warped because of the heat.. I'll try to revive it a bit and give it a little more character.