Bibi~ (Pixel Art)

(Warning: Image Heavy post)

Graphic Arts has been one of my frustrations in life I wanted to study fine arts or any art for college but I thought that it can be a hobby rather than a career... I choose money over what I love to do. Right now all I can do is look at "what I could have been" if I pursued arts...

Around 2005 - 2007, I joined gaiaonline because of it's cuteness hahaha and I decorated my profile with pix from Bibi's art I came across her site today and I still love her art!

Here are some samples of her art... I really I wish I can be as skilled as bibi

. . .

WAAAA!!!! Bibi is also an artist for Lineage 2?!?!?! I just discovered Today... T_T lineage 2: SEA is closing tomorrow.. Here are some of Bibi's L2 work for PlayNC (This made me a bit depressed..)

T_T I'll post more of Bibi's work to cheer me up.. T_T

Waaa this is so cute


Here's one image that might be familiar to other people:

I really wish I can do the same thing Bibi can do... I wish I can post all her pix.. but, that would be rude...

Anyway time to go home~

Weekend here I come~!

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