Blog Topic

My blog has no niche... according to http://www.problogger.net, if I wanted to blog, I have to choose a "niche" or a topic I wanted to blog about. I looked back on all my posts and I thought my posts were so random.

I have no niche...

I started this blog with no specific topic in mind. I read and love beauty blogs but I can't blog about beauty products because I do not actually use any beauty products like the beauty bloggers. I also love looking at techie blogs, although if I did a review I'd probably just say "I bought it because I thought it was cute." I like reading arts fartsy blogs of those talented designers, I wish I was as good as they are but that's about it.

My life is so random...

If I had to create one blog per topic, I'd probably come up with several blogs with only one or two posts... I love so many things.

However, If I had to come up with an excuse for the randomness of my blog, I'd probably say "It's my road to personality development!"

That's a valid topic right?


  1. There's no problem with Personal Blogs. It really depends if you want to "monetize" your blog or not.

    If you're more into expression then to heck with pro blogging tips and whatnot. If you are into monitizing it, then it would be wise to listen to the Masters.

  2. Thanks for the comment~! I'll probably make this blog a personal blog for my journey to "self development" in line with my new years resolution to love myself more.