A Not-So-Figure-Shoot

Last month, I met up with Bryan (Thought Bubbles) and John (Pixel Barrage) for a figure shoot. Unfortunately, no pictures of Nendoroids, Figmas or Scale figures can be found in this post. I was distracted by Bryan's macro lens. Bryan brought it (for me to try) as a gift for my birthday. So I ended up looking for creepy crawlies and some flowers... and then I met Skull...

He.. She... =_= Well... What is it?! A grasshopper? A grasshopper with Punisher's symbol on its head! Hahaha I love Skull~! Isn't he cute?

Skull is not your average creepy crawly...

I also found this flower and I don't know what type of flower it is. It looks like a periwinkle or a primrose though. I'm not too fond of the picture. I feel like the picture is a little too dark and Bryan did tell me I should learn how to frame my pictures. It needs more tweaking... =_=

Random flower is random...
Finally, a picture I absolutely adore~! It's a collab with John. He took the picture and I edited it. I really like how it turned out.

A Chicken's...  nevermind~! ^__^

When I first saw the picture, I immediately remembered a vivid dream I had 3 years ago. It was so vivid that I can still remember until today.

I had fun trying out the macro lens, I wish I had one but I think I need to learn more about photography, right?

Off topic: I want a better watermark! I'm currently working on it but it's taking me quite a while to come up with a good one. Any suggestions?


  1. Rule of Thirds! Anyway, Great photos! I really liked how the mini dandelion turned out. :D

  2. paki tulungan nlng johnjan