[Personal]: Roller Coaster Week

*Cue RHCP song*
Your love is like a roller coaster baby, baby I wanna ride~!

Oh... I got carried away.... =__=  I am so disappointed at myself today, which is why I am double posting at least to overdose on some positive stuff... OR NOT, I need to rant a bit... (Warning, this is long post.)

Monday - Tuesday:
I started my week with a fever because I strained myself from my swim class the day before. I had too much fun in class, hahaha!

I'd say this was the happiest day of my week. As soon as I got to my desk in the morning I saw this:

It's the unnamed pig!
I knew from the moment I saw him... HE'D BE MINE! Hahahaha! No, seriously.. I wrote about him before:
This pig is an unnamed pig. I haven't adopted him yet.. but I have already taken him as hostage from an unwilling officemate. He gets panic attacks often... (See link for reference. >: ) Thanks J!! Hihihi! Now, give me chocolates.)

Despite losing my voice and simulating frog croaking sounds the whole week, I had to train several teammates. Although, my unintentional croaking made my teammates pay attention to me the whole time. Not only did I get my teammates attention, I also got the attention of a certain spaz-inducing-person. I posted about a previous encounter with him here.

He just HAD to go to the room where I was conducting the training and just HAD to take a seat beside me! Being the awkward girl that I am, I messed up a lot and croaked a lot during that short invasion. =_= damn you...

At the end of the day, I was really disappointed that nobody wanted to swap schedules with me for the weekend work, even though I was obviously sick. I walked out and went home early because I was already wallowing in self-pity and vowed never to help anyone in the team again. =_=

A blah day.. /end

I had weekend work but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My smoke test partner and I worked really fast during that day and our previous testing task that I thought that we were a good tandem. But of course, I was too shy to tell her. What made me happy was she also thought the same thing. :)

Ah, today... worst day of the week. Since Thursday, I was trying to get enough rest so I can get rid of my colds for my swim class.

I got my voice back, hardly coughed since I woke up, I was feeling better... but I still freaking missed my swim class because it was... =_= a bloody day. T_T

Ending this post with a picture of MY unnamed pig, I accidentally took him home when I walked out last Thursday.

Aww~! He looks frightened! >: )

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  1. Take Care of the Nameless Pig. You know he sometimes deflates. :P And good luck with the "spaz-inducing-person". :D