Random: Reflections of a Socially Awkward Girl...

The awkward girl strikes back! Just another random thought I wanted to share...

I hate that I'm such a dork like 99.9% of the time. My friends are so used to it that they say "it's part of my charm" (so to speak) =_= but most importantly, it's a form of entertainment, especially when I do my random gravity checks on extremely smooth surfaces. =__=

They love seeing me all flustered and deer-in-headlights-frozen-in-fear. Just like what happened this afternoon, when my teammates started to tease me about a certain person just because I had his number on my phone. I got so flustered that when he was right behind me, I kept on smiling like a dork and was unable to speak coherently. @_@

On the other hand, I sincerely think that the teasing is somehow a form of affection and sort of a sign that they have accepted me no matter how dorky or awkward I am, right?

New goal: Be normal... =_=

On a different note: I tried a different style of drawing and I also practiced writing on my tablet for better control. Did you notice my little signature below? Can it pass off as a decent watermark for my work? I should make it a little less wobbly. Must practice...

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