Random: Yet Another Work In Progress

I made another random sketch today as I ran out of things to watch =_= I've been very particular about the things I watch lately. I found myself staying away from really heavy drama or when the plot gets too heavy, I stop watching. I think my tolerance for stress is really low at the moment.
Someday, I'll finish this sketch
And before I turn this into a rant post, I didn't plan on drawing this. I wanted to draw a drowning chibi... well.. erm... to represent what happened to me today. Well, I didn't drown or anything! *sigh* If I had my photograph taken while I was practicing, I would probably look like I was drowning... I think...

*Flails arms like a crazy lady*

I enrolled myself in a basic swimming class and had my 3rd session this afternoon. We were taught the "Military Stroke" and Water threading. @_@ I thought it would be as easy as the breast stroke but both strokes were so tiring! I couldn't finish the laps our coach asked us to do. I was out of breath after one short lap. =_=

*Flails arms and legs like a crazy lady*

Even though the coach thought I was doing well, I wish I could practice more. It felt really great when I was able to swim in the deeper end of the pool. At least the coach thinks I can already survive on my own and he actually suggested that we all jump in from the deep end and swim up to the other end... it's an Olympic size pool =__= Imagine how much arm flailing and leg flailing I would have to do just to get to the other side... I wanted to try, but we ran out of time. I want to practice more!!!

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