Quick Update: Staycation

Posting a quick update of my Holy Week "Staycation." Holiday work was canceled and I wasn't able to plan anything because of it so I had a lot of free time ^__^. 

I didn't do much though, the heat made me catatonic and my PMS was making me eat everything in sight. =_= Worst combination ever... Anyway...

Art Attack:

I experimented with my new molds and the new clay blocks I bought last week. Premo's Raw Sienna is such a perfect chocolate color! I almost didn't buy it because I looked brown with green undertones at the store, I should have bought more!

They look real, don't they? >: )
Unfortunately when I was going to compare previously mixed clay and the Raw sienna block, I saw this:


A horrible mess! Looks like the plasticizer from the clay oozed out because of the heat. Now they're stuck to the container and beyond repair. =_= Oh well. I'll just mix another batch.

Spring Summer Cleaning:

While cleaning my room, I saw my stash of letters from my schoolmates from high school and college. I also found some unfinished/unsent letters... I used to write a lot, my high school friends and I used to buy filler notebooks for writing letters instead of stationary. ^__^ But we were not limited to just notebooks or stationary!!!

My classmate wrote to me on her test paper! 
She misspelled my name! It says "Ekai." *hint*

I don't remember receiving this, but was surprised I kept it.

Writing in code! Did anyone try making your own alphabet?
I didn't only find old letters. >: ) BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I found my assessment test results from 4th year high school. Bwahahahaha!

The only thing I can say now is, "WTF happened?!"

Finally, here's one special card I got from a good friend on Valentine's day, 10 years ago:

He hid a leaf  inside the card.
My friend Ken (the pitas boy), who is like a brother to me, picked up this leaf around 1993. :)

20 year old leaf.

Brotherly assurance.
 As for my cleaning duties... erm... "ABORT MISSION!" Motivation vs. Hormones....

Hormones win!

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