[Random] Secretly Greatly

I just watched Secretly Greatly. Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Soo Hyun in one movie? Do you even need to think about it? >_< I was totally crushing over Kim Soo Hyun when I was watching Dream High, I even have 2 posts about him on this blog ("fangirl-ing" in 2011). As for Lee Hyun Woo, he was so cute in the series To the Beautiful You, I put him in my watch list... He's actually the reason why I watched the movie...

The reviews I read about the movie were mostly negative, saying that the movie was a total mess. It is, but I liked it... maybe I'm used to messy Korean movies (like Spell bound) or since I've watched movies/series with spies (like King 2 Hearts or Spy Myung Wol) and all, I didn't need an explanation about what was happening in the movie... =_= That's probably it... oh wait...

The eye candy was enough to satisfy me~! HAHAHA!

Speaking of eye candy, there's also a lot of eye candy anime lately. >_< I'm not complaining but I feel slightly uncomfortable watching a few scenes in Brother's Conflict and the whole first episode of Diabolik Lovers (I loved the art work so I think I'll watch the whole series). I should put "draw a bishie" on my list of things to draw... A mix of Free and Diabolik Lovers maybe? @_@ First bishie to draw... megane bishie~!! <3 kyaaa="" p="">
Fangirl mode: ON!

My stalk watch list:

1. Yoon Eun Hye
2. Ha Ji-won
3. Moon Geun Young
4. So Hi Hyun
5. Son Ye Jin
6. Jeon Ji Hyun
7. Han Chae Young
8. Im Soo Jeong
9. Goo Hye Sun
10. Park Shin Hye

1. Gong Yoo <3 p="">2. Lee Minki
3. Jo Jung Suk
4. Lee Seung Gi
5. Lee Hyun Woo
6. Kim Soo Hyun
7. Kim Jae Wook
8. Lee Jung Suk
9. Jae Hee
10. Jung Il Woo

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