Monday Artwork: Finished Sweets

I finally finished the cakes and other miniatures for the classes I was supposed to attend last month. I was cramming to finish them because I was too busy at work I hardly had a whole day to finish them. I really thought I wouldn't be able to take pictures of the finished miniatures so I posted a picture of the unbaked gradient cake a couple of weeks ago.

Since the classes were canceled and rescheduled to a later date, I had a chance to take pictures of the items... until my camera battery died after 3 pictures. T__T I only had one more piece to take though but I'll make a separate entry for it instead.

I really tried to plan out what miniatures to make ^__^

Really happy I learned how to make the crumbly cake texture.

Must not bite into the chocolate charm...

Well, I feel like my shots are getting more consistent lately... I've also been using my SLR more than my phone for my blog pictures. I guess it's safe to say that I improved a bit because of the Monday Artwork blog series. :)

Speaking of improvement... I have more posts lined up for the Monday artworks. ^__^

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