Monday Artwork: Gradient Cakes and Textures

Last year, I made gradient cakes for my Christmas presents to my officemates. After Christmas, I don't think I've touched my stash of polymer clay despite my hoarding every now and then.

I enrolled in another class again and for this class I have to make at least 10 polymer clay items to exchange with my other classmates. I'll talk about the class in detail in a separate post.

I was contemplating whether to make rose pendants or cakes. Roses are easy to make but really common at the moment so I made cakes instead. Without considering how much effort it takes to make miniature cakes...

My finger nails feel like they'd fall off soon! =_= My translucent clay went stale... T_T Thankfully, I don't use my translucent clay as is but mixing clay I still tough even if I have a pasta machine =_=

I didn't really want to post this here since it's another work in progress but I was really happy about how the cake texture. I really came out well and it's a really huge improvement from what I made last year. :)

I still need to make a couple of slices but I have to wait until my hands recover...

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