Nendoroid: Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru

Mee~ru merumeru meru meru meru me~!

She finally arrived! I waited for her for so long and it's totally worth it! I actually got her last week but was too busy so I only got to open her today. >_<

Kirino is waiting!

Oh my goodness, she's a box full of spaz! She's my cutest nendoroid! I actually didn't expect her to be so cute! I bought her because I liked her base...

Meruru and her base! I struggled putting her on it for some reason...
Anyway, Meruru is from the series "Ore no Imouto a Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai" (My sister can't be this cute) or "Oreimo" for short. She's an anime character in the series that Kirino loves so much. I think I also bought her because she is a character in an anime that was in an anime... oh dear, how do I explain... well just watch Oreimo!!

My nendo jar was also waiting for her..
I don't know who this bunny is, but it's cute!

Star Earrings! She's wearing star earrings on all her face plates!

Puffy stuff on her skirt!

This is my favorite pose!

Posing with her weapon

Her dorky face >_< soooo cute!!!!

Meru~ Meru meru meru me~!

This is me after unboxing her.

Though I didn't love Oreimo, I ended up buying 2 nendoroids from the series. I don't usually complete nendo's from a series but I kinda want to look for Kuroneko since I have both Kirino and Meruru. Aside from Kirino and Meruru, the only 2 nendoroids I have that are from the same nendo series are Snow Miku and Gakupo.

Oh, one thing I didn't like about Nendoroid Meruru was the edges. There are a lot of rough edges on my nendo Meruru! Check out my picture of the puffy stuff on her skirt.

Okay, I'm ending this post with a video of Meruru... I don't remember seeing this though, it's probably from the 2nd season? Not sure... but I remember Kirino singing the song ^__^

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