Monday Artwork: Parted Lips

In traditional pen and paper, I absolutely suck at drawing lips. Even if I'm just doodling my chibi characters. However when I started playing around with SAI, drawing lips is one of the fastest features I can finish and the nose being the 2nd fastest feature I can finish. I WAS supposed to do a walk-through on how I draw the lips on SAI but I got carried away and stopped taking screenshots. =_=;

As proof and just for the sake of it, here's my failed attempt...

I only added the text after finishing the whole image hahaha! There were a few more steps after the last picture like defining the shadows and highlights... I'll do it properly next time.

Maybe I should try a speed painting-ish video? If I was really good in general I would but I can only draw lips and it's too much effort, I'll try making a video when I'm an expert at digital art wahahaha!

And oh... Happy Birthday Mom!!

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