Practice: Basic Beading and A Failed Attempt

Last week, I went to a magical place called "Divisoria" to buy some beads and jewelry components for my new found hobby, resin casting. Though I didn't find everything I needed, I still got a lot of interesting things which, unfortunately are not for resin jewelry. =_=

Bought a whole lot of faux pearls

I stole borrowed different sized cups for this post. Hmm... I just realized that since my last photography post, I haven't used my SLR in 4 months... O_O

This is my favorite piece
I bought several packs of different key charms because I've always been strangely drawn to vintage looking keys. I can't say it's because of my Alice in Wonderland obsession though, maybe a little?

I love key charms
I attempted to imitate the typical way Etsy sellers present their jewelry but I failed miserably. I wanted to make a collage of the pieces I made but somehow it doesn't look as magical (so to speak) as I wanted. I think I need more jewelry and something I can use to add color to my pictures.

... =__= I should have used my washi tapes! Why didn't I think of it while I was taking pictures. Geez!

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