Monday Artwork: My Realism Attempt on Sai

Creepy Eye~

Since I usually draw anime/manga inspired art, I thought I should practice a traditional style once in a while. Although realism is not my forte, it's good practice for shading my art works.

It's been a while since I picked up my ancient graphics tablet though, I've been practicing on pen and paper (and copic markers) for a while now and I'm seven pages away from buying a new sketchpad. I hate to admit but... I've gotten used to digital art that I had to adjust to a new art medium when I started practicing. U_U

Looks creepier..
 The shading sucks! I didn't want to get my hands dirty so I used a q-tip to smudge... =_= I should've made a blending stick instead...
A crystal ball and my 11 year old mechanical pencil

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