Wednesday's Color is Blue

Okay, cheesy blog title... Sorry. I was trying to think of a good blog title so I checked what blue meant. Apparently it's the color choice of  conservative people, specifically dark blue and it's the color of Wednesday. ^__^

Here's another attempt at making a collage... It still looks dull and lifeless to me rather than the light and airy look I was going for.

Chaotic collage
I liked how the light bounced off the beads

Tiny teacup

Inside the bead :)
The dark blue beads I used were opaque, except for the bead above. I switched from manual mode to macro mode in hopes of capturing how pretty the pattern inside the bead was.

Out of place tear drops.


I recycled beads from an old earring.
Aside from the little cups we have here at home, I still can't think of anything to incorporate in a collage... I don't want to use my doodles and I did try using my washi tapes but I wasn't satisfied with how it looked. I think I'm starting to have another artist block. =_=

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