Monday Artwork: Bakabuta?

=_= I see harsh edges... argh...
Could this little piggy pass of as my own "Bakabuta" mascot? Meh The nameless pig looks more like a "baka buta" that this naked pig... =_=

For those who do not know, Baka Buta is Japanese for "Stupid Pig" somehow "Bakabuta" has been a term of endearment used by my friends in college... Well we also had a Baka inu (dog), Baka neko (cat), Baka tako (octopus), baka uni (sea urchin) and so on.. HAHAHA It's all because of Akane's (Ranma 1/2) Baka song (See video below~!)^__^

Baka ne baka baka baka baka baka~!

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