Crazy about K-Fashion

Recently, I've been lurking about online Korean fashion shops for clothes and some shoes. I normally dress as simple/basic as possible, since I hate dislike being the center of attention. I get uneasy when I know people are watching me.

There's something really different about K-Fashion. their clothes are easier to relate to than Japanese fashion (at least for me). It's really interesting how the Japanese and the Koreans put so much thought in what they wear... No matter how much layers or how loose their clothes are, they still look sexy in the outfits. I wish I can be like that...

Anyway, My sister and I went to Greenhills to shop for cheap clothes (and to check out the Apple Peel for my iTouch). I wasn't able to buy my gadget, however I was able to buy a few items that you wouldn't normally see in my closet.

=_= I apologize for the not so creative shots... I'm not used to taking pictures of my clothes.. and I messed up my white balance..

I bought a long black dress~

I love the lining~

My sister got frustrated about the dress because I didn't want to look at other dresses since I really wanted this one.

Here's another blouse no one would ever see me wearing.. until now~! I can't wait to wear this one! My first ever printed... leopard printed see through blouse~!

Looks a bit huge in the picture..
Perfect for summer.

I'm so happy today! The only thing I need right now is the shoes to match my dress.. and probably a jacket as well..

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