I feel like a different person already!

This week was devoted to sports~! I did wall climbing this Monday and Ultimate frisbee Wednesday night!

Wall climbing, I used to love wall climbing when I was in college. However, when Orson died I was afraid to go wall climbing again. Even though his death was not related to climbing, I just couldn't... He used to be a good friend and the varsity team captain for our university...

For my first climb, I started to panic halfway to the top... everything in me started to shake. My friend was wondering what happened to the oh-so-fearless-Ekai who would go scuba diving (with sharks.. and I have a certificate to prove it!) or surfing even if she didn't know how to swim. I was determined to overcome it but I only got to 2/3 of the wall. I tried 3 times... my arms were already shaking and I didn't want to push myself too much. So I gave up.. (For this week). I'll dedicate my first successful climb to Orson.

I think that was the main reason for my MAJOR mood swing afterwards... I knew I can do it but I just couldn't. And the lack of sleep...

Ultimate Frisbee... I still compare it to shuriken throwing ninja training and I still suck at it. I'm not really sure if I enjoy playing though. I feel like I'm forcing myself to like it for the sake of a distraction.

Oh no.. my post turned into a ranty post... I was all hyped up and excited when I got home...

Changing mood to a more positive one~

Despite saying that I feel like I'm forcing myself to like ultimate frisbee, I did enjoy the warm up! My friend made me run around 1/4 of the track! I discovered that I get really tired when I run slow and that I can endure running if I run faster!

Running made me feel good! I guess that was the best part of the whole night. At least I know I can run and I won't be a burden to other runners.

I hope I can keep this up! I'm one step closer to a better Ekai!

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