Re-ment in the Philippines

I recently discovered that Re-ment was available in the Philippines and was available in a mall near my home! I was so excited about it I ended up buying some stuff.

The only thing I disliked is that they only have limited items... I wanted a dining set but they only had a dining set with Lilo and Stitch prints splattered all over. I wish they had the simple items. All the items had a character splattered on it... I would've bought the Alice in wonderland items but I couldn't afford at that time so I chose the Mickey Showcase. It's simple enough for me. I would've bought the Rilakkuma Dining set but they didn't have it...

 I also bought some individual items~

I wish they sell more... it was frustrating to see all those characters on the items... but when you go to Re-ment's website most of the products are like that... *sigh*


  1. How much do they sell Re-ment for in the Philippines? I'm just curious because I also collect Re-ment and wonder if it would be cheaper there.

  2. The Showcase was around $30 (USD), the sushi packets were $3 a piece. I think the small boxes were $8 each.

    T^T I check the prices on the Re-Ment website... I bought over priced ones... $10 over...

  3. Don't feel bad, the prices you paid are about the same as here in the US. I've seen the smaller boxes go for $4-$8, depending on where you buy and what series.

    It's always cheaper to buy from Japan, that is, if the exchange rate isn't so crappy!