Photography: Reverse Ring Experiment (Part 2)

I think/feel like I'm getting better at macro photography, I desperately need a tripod though... However, I think I need to practice on other areas like landscapes, portraits... =_=... I also tried doing the water drop thing but I wasn't successful.

This isn't my first time using the reverse ring, I tried once during summer but I didn't get to explore too much. This is my second time experimenting with the ring. Unfortunately, the sun didn't really cooperate so I only have a few good shots.

Anyway, since I had a rough day,I'm sharing a few of my lucky shots to lighten my mood a bit.

A morning glory~!

I found a feather on a stump... Hmm I seem to like taking pictures of tree barks

I don't know what these are... It was difficult to focus... windy..
I really need a tripod =_=
Also, adding macro lens to my xmas wish list...

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