DFA experience: Rude Guards and the Dress Code

Update - Sept, 2013: Updating a 2 year old post because some people can't be as constructive as the comments below. :) :) :) :) (Sorry na lang, my blog, my space... If you need anger management, I can help you get professional help.)

Gist of the post:
MAJOR ISSUE: Rude guards
Minor issue/Room for improvement: The DFA website should have posted a reminder for people like me. They have a website, it's a powerful tool to get information across.
What I got out of my misadventure: I was able to buy one of my favorite pairs of canvas shoes! I don't use it every day because I don't want to wear it out... yes, I love it that much.

Last Friday, I had a misadventure while renewing my passport. I had an appointment at 9 am and according to the website I had to be there by 8:30 am. I went earlier just in case...

As soon as I got there, the guards at front didn't let me in because I was wearing flip flops. Which was absolutely frustrating because there was no mention of a dress code on their website or any of their reminders while setting the appointment online. What made things worse were the security guards who were RUDE! The guards would arrogantly answer you looking at a different direction. 

I would've complied with the dress code if it was mentioned on their website. Unfortunately for the guards, I saw a lot of people wearing flip flops inside.. 

Oh look! Transparent Rubber Straps!
I tried to do an in-url search for "dress code" or "attire" and some other words in their website but I couldn't find anything. BOO DFA!

I had to walk from DFA to Baclaran just to buy shoes.

Which was a deal for only 150 pesos.


  1. Hindi na kelangan e remind tau about dresscode. Esp. Wearing flipflops. Expected na un na kelangan tau maging formal and should have wear shoes not sandals or flipflops inside dfa. Hindi tau pupunta ng palengke para tsinelas lng susuotin db?

  2. Though I hate to admit, I do not think that highly of our Government & apparently my view of the Government is quite similar if not equal to a wet market. Heck, I'd dress up more if I was going to a movie! Besides, the last time I went to get my passport I was also wearing my flip flops. Same thing when I went to LTO, BIR, NBI, and SSS.. nu ni nu ni nu...

    DFA has a website, it is quite useless if it fails to inform people (there goes our taxes!! *shakes fist*). System.out.println("INFORMATION technology~!");

    Oh by the way, the shoes I bought from Baclaran is the bomb~! I still use them now, beat that!

  3. I would've to agree with the guy below me, they don't really have to mention any dresscodes. It's DFA, the name says it all. But since you saw a lot of people wearing flops then they should really add that reminder to their page.

    About the security guards, they don't look at you because that's the standard procedure when it comes to security. They won't stare at you or look at you straight unless they think you're a threat or someone suspicious. They tend to scatter their vision to cover the whole perimeter they're assigned in. That's basic for all professional security forces. There's a term they use for that but I just can't remember. Others are just clear arrogant, though.

  4. Yup, They should have a reminder on their page. It wouldn't cost them anything to add a little reminder for people like me.

    Sad to say, the security guards were far from professional. There was a girl who was complaining to the guard about the same thing I was frustrated about and the security guard made it ABSOLUTELY clear, through his facial expression and body language that he was not listening and mocking the girl. I had to stop the girl from complaining because the guard was already provoking her. :( The girl was getting too worked up I had to pull her away. Although the female guards were really pleasant... suggested to buy super cheap shoes at baclaran :)

    As a result, and the best thing I got out of the whole experience was my little shopping adventure with the grumpy girl at Baclaran! We were pleasantly surprised with the knock off shoes we saw.. I almost bought 2 pairs!

    And yes, I still have my beloved 150 peso baclaran shoes!

  5. I don't think DFA and flipflops match really well. :)
    Plain common sense basically is what you need. :)

  6. How about the top? Need with collar? Ply reply asap..can i just wear 3forths w/out collar?

  7. Hi Annalou! I would recommend a smart casual attire but I suggest reading these blog posts for good outfit recommendations on your visit:

    1.) http://ph.makeupandbeauty.com/what-to-wear-to-the-dfa-for-passport-application/

    2.) http://www.moomymusings.com/2014/01/new-passport-application-survival-tips.html (scroll down to the comments section)