Artsy Fartsy: More molds

Nothing went as planned today... I'm absolutely frustrated because my internet's super slow, I wanted to watch another episode of Ao no Exorcist but my net was crawling. I decided to prepare for my X-mas gifts this year but I ended up doing a few Sukerukun molds.

Ok, Ok... I made more than a few. I was bored and getting really impatient so I had to distract myself. I made 6 trips to the microwave for these molds!!! Grrrr...

I recycled some old earrings (which I can't use because of my sensitive ears), I thought I'd make molds from some earrings that looked like biscuits... I don't know why I included the ribbon though...

I took off the fake pearl on my other earring (I could attach it back anyway). Biscuit with whipped cream and a cherry on top, perhaps?

A heart shaped cookie and a butter cookie?

I think it's obvious what this would be, right?

Some experimental bowls... I hope they turn out well...

A cupcake base!

I fixed my butterfly wing mold.

I also made a button replica of my first ever "Mustard" (or anything yellowish) piece of clothing. I bought a knit cardigan from Forever 21 last week, and when I wore it... I lost a button! I made a replica of the front of the button... I still need to figure out a way to make the back loopy part of the button =_=

I filled the molds with ADC... I can't wait till morning to check these! I'm not sure about the bowls though.

Earlier this week, I made some more mangled strawberries I just finished painting them this weekend.

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