Blog Title: Reflections of a Manic Dreamer

Time to say goodbye to my blog title, Sushi and Sashimi were the terms of endearment my ex and I had before we became an item. Seeing my blog title was like a stab-to-my-heart reminder that things have already ended.

SO!!! I decided to adapt my old multiply blog title "Reflections of a Manic Dreamer" Since my blog doesn't really have a niche like beauty bloggers or tech bloggers, the title still fits me.

Slightly dark, and idealistic.

It was fun reading my old posts... although my last few posts were mostly rants and emo stuff... I was a different person then...

Stuff I rediscovered:
1. My old blog is a rant blog and my former boss read some of my posts >_<
2. I had migraines since 2007... (when I was in night shift)
3. I have been looking for my color changing nail polish since 2007!!! (I was only able to get a hold of 1 this year)
4. A team lead was the one who called me "tweetums" (I used that label as an IGN for an online game)
5. I was brutally honest.
6. My old blog was exhausting to read with all the rants..
7. I wrote better before..
8. I was labeled as a satanic b*tch because of the music I listen to HAHAHAHAHAHA
9. I attempted to do some nail art sometime May 2006!
10. I posted about being called heartless a lot of times..

"I'm not really proud of being called Manhid all the time... but it has it's advantages... better than being down all the time... I'd rather feel nothing."

11. I used to write poems!! WAHAHAHAHA
12. I think I have a good logo for my ex boyfriends..

The picture was originally for my 2nd ex who was too chicken to face me... and since my recent ex bf's IGN  (in game name) is usually "ChickenMan" it's also PERFECT for him.

As for my emotional status, I think I'm getting better. I do feel nostalgic about some stuff since our supposed anniversary is coming up... maybe after, I'll be better. I feel like I have to expect something weird on that day... since he tried to hurt my feelings deliberately last Wednesday.

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