Cruise Buffet...

Super late post...

I was supposed to post this on Sept 14, however after recent events in my life I wasn't able to post any interesting entries other than my random emo posts.

My officemates and I were supposed to go on a Cruise Buffet last Sept 14, but the waves were too strong because of the wind and the coast guard didn't allow us to "set sail" so to speak. We could've stayed to eat but most of us got dizzy (especially me) and we wouldn't get the most of our money if we did. Instead, I practiced taking nice photos.

Unfortunately, this is a little too late because the typhoon Pedring came to our country and it could be a while before I get another chance to take a cruise buffet around Manila Bay (and I might be a little too scared to do it).

It's near the Jumbo Resto

Ewww.. the ink started to seep into my skin
I was able to get some great shots with the help of K. She told me that for sunsets, it helps to under expose. I wasn't able to bring my D60 and I took these shots with my Sony Ericsson Satio phone. It turned out great but it would probably look better with a DSLR.
Some successful shots
I wish the boat wasn't there

I didn't process these yet.

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