Personality Development: Sports

Ever since I graduated, I started hating sports. I became sedentary and lazy to an extreme. I used to go Wall climbing and play tennis...

During high school and college, the varsity players were inviting me to join the club for tennis... but I think the only invited me because there aren't many tennis players here. A friend told me that if they were inviting me, I must be good at it.. I can't really say I was good though because I never competed.

Anyway, yesterday night I joined my friends' training for their favorite sport: Ultimate Frisbee. It was frustrating because the sport required more wrist action similar to badminton. However, I had fun... I pretended to be a ninja practicing shuriken throws. HAHA

Back hand shuriken throw~!

Forhand Shuriken Throooowww~!

I can't wait for the next time I play.

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