Yogi Blue Berry Slim Tea~!

I was finally able to buy tea~! I bought something to curb my cravings~!

I LOVE the packaging! I also played around with my camera... I experimented on the different exposure levels of my camera ^_^ (I only used my Satio here)

I really look forward to drinking this tea in the morning! It smells great but it's a little too bitter for me.

I love the box to death!
Over exposed~ but I don't know how I got this shot
There are little messages on the paper that's attached to the string (=_= I don't know what it's called).

When the mind is backed by will, miracles will happen~!

"Each tea bag contains approximately 35mg of caffeine as compared to 90 mg in 8 oz of coffee" ^_^ I think I can drink two cups of this everyday... hahahaha. It has hibiscus... (Gumamela in tagalog).

There are lots of stuff in the tea bag... I love the color~!

And yes... I have an upside down (injured) doraemon mug.

My friend told me over exposing my pictures would probably be good for my macro shots and photos of some products... Under exposing pictures are great for silhouettes! I gotta remember these tips!!! Thanks Keanne~!

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