Lemming for Tea ^_^

My officemates and I, went to Healthy Options last week to check if they had the feverfew supplements I wanted for my migraines. They did have the feverfew supplements but it was way out of my budget >_< I still need to do more research about it...

While we were in the store, I was distracted by the teas they had... I wanted all!!! There were 2 brands that caught my eye, Yogi Tea and The Republic of Tea. Yogi is a lot cheaper than The Republic of Tea. Yogi is selling 16 tea bags for 249 Php (around $5) and The Republic of Tea had 6 tea bags for 275 Php (around $6).

I love the packaging of The Republic of Tea, they had labels like "Get Gorgeous" for clear skin or "Get a Grip" of PMS!

I went through the websites of both brands... I LOVE Yogi Tea's layout! (Is there a blogger rule about posting screen caps? Oh well, I'll just remove it if they ask me to).

3 Choices~ Mood, Flavor or Purpose

I am absolutely lemming for a lot of variants from both brands =_= even though I'm a coffee lover...

Here's my wish list for Yogi (All pictures are from the Yogi website):
Yogi wishlist
and here is my wish list forThe Republic of Tea (all pictures are from their website):

I want =_=

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