SQL is my friend

*Sorry for neglecting my blog for a while... I've been going through a tough time with my family.

I was a developer for 4 years mostly for business intelligence and data warehousing.

Brief Background on BI

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to skills, processes, technologies, applications and practices used to support decision making.

BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. Common functions of Business Intelligence technologies are reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, and predictive analytics.

The technology I used for BI was Business Objects, something like crystal reports. I created reports for most of my projects. However, I wasn't the brightest one of the bunch. I felt like the underdog among the Business Objects developers since most of them were very proficient in SQL and I wasn't.

Feeling like the underdog and my ass of a boss made me feel even worse by rubbing it in. I was assigned data migration tasks, Unix tasks and ETL tasks. All tasks were SQL heavy and I have never studied UNIX in my whole life. (That ass of a boss did not know how to assess his people).

What is ETL

ETL stands for extract, transform and load, the processes that enable companies to move data from multiple sources, reformat and cleanse it, and load it into another database, a data mart or a data warehouse for analysis, or on another operational system to support a business process.

That was partly the reason why I shifted to Testing rather than development.

Anyway, I recently discovered that most of my officemates developers or testers weren't as proficient in SQL as I was. Although, I had more of an edge since I was forcefully exposed to SQL for 4 years.

Due to my new discovery, I plan to be good at SQL and I came across a really easy to understand tutorial for SQL joins I <3 SQL~ ahahaha

A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins - Venn diagrams for the win! I'll try to post my own so I can see if I processed it~ ahahaha (so to speak.)

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