Monday sickness

Ok... so I'm in dire need of Coffee...

I decided to drown my irritability in a coffee based caramel affogato... On my way to my preferred starbucks (there are 3 starbucks branches near my office), I saw a blind man trying to cross the street and a stupid biker hit the blind man... he already saw the blind guy who was trying to cross the street. Though he was slow he wasn't careful... I looked at him in disgust. I wish he knew that it was because he hit the blind guy...

Most Drivers in Manila are too aggressive they don't even realize that they can hurt people. I think they don't even care if they do. Our previous driver also hit a kid on a bike in front of our gate. Instead of checking if the kid was safe or if he was hurt they both started blaming each other.

Why do you need to point the blame on someone... rather than think of the present they have to dwell on the past and blame people. Instead of thinking of a solution NOW, they think of who to blame... "Because of the people who colonized the Philippines, we have graft and corruption" I hear this line often. It may be true, but it doesn't do a thing. It is not a solution and it does not contribute to a possible solution. Just self gratification.

ugh... I hate this post already...

I was lucky enough to get a free upgrade on my Affogato... I ordered tall but the barista gave me a grande... I didn't feel comfortable about it.. I really wanted to pay for the extra.. T_T well at least I got something nice today. HOWEVER, I haven't consumed half of my drink and I'm already palpitating. A grande Affogato isn't something for me hahahaha.

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