Hello March.. please be nice to me...

February has been rough... but March is horrid.. I couldn't help but at least let out what I feel right now... I've cried so much tonight. As much as I hate "self pity" I couldn't help it a few hours ago, I was feeling deprived and betrayed by my own family... most my friends advised that I move out. I'll contemplate on it when I've calmed down...

Anyway, I hate the negativity. Reverting to something lighter.

Here are four songs that made me feel better:

1. Replay by Sean Kingston (my boyfriend made me listen to this)
2. Numb by Sia
3. Breathe Me by Sia
4. Fireflies by Owl City

Thank you's

Ryan... I love you, thank you.

Affie and Diane thank you for keeping me sane during dinner...

Hali family: Thank you so much, even though I couldn't post everything on plurk, I can feel the concern.. Thank you...

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