Have you ever googled yourself?

Due to a sickeness called "Tamaditis" also known as Procrastination, I ended up google-ing my name in different ways.

Here are some funny Results:

+ Page 1: Most were profiles of people with the same nickname and one website called "Ekaï Sushi Express"

~ Hahaha! Sushi is a term of endearment my boyfriend gave me. Hahaha

+ Page 2: more profiles and another website called "Ekai"

~ another food page >_<>

Ekai is a fast and efficient method of providing busy people with healthy and delicious food options.........delivered to your door.

Just select a meal plan from our range and we will deliver the ingredients and any recipes required right to your door.

No more 'what's for tea tonight?' With ekai you can eat a different meal every night of the year if you wishMy full name:
+ Mostly people with the same name except for my twitter account... =_=

Nickname + Surname:
+ My facebook account...
+ my facebook friends........

+ a blog of my friend who mentioned me...

I hate you facebook...

oh... I came across toggle.com as well

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